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Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Thomas, did you post that from home (07:13:58 PM)?

OpenOffice.org also has that AutoWord Completion feature -- though I suppose that is because it is based on Star Office. I have yet to really spend a lot of time with OOo, but I do plan on setting up a financial records spreadsheet this week (need to start keeping track of the ins and outs of $.

Mozilla 1.5 was released recently: by far the best browser for all platforms. Tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking (though you should be editing your Hosts file to keep out unwanted visitors), complete standards compliance, and a hell of a lot more. More reasons to switch?

One incredible feature called Bookmark Keywords allows you to set keywords for your bookmarks so you can just type goo in your browser to get http://www.google.com or dict to get http://www.dictionary.com. However, it also lets you extend that by adding variables into the address so that you can type goo american martyrs to search google for american martyrs or dict nebula to get the dictionary.com definition of nebula.
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