A Human Movement
Monday, December 15, 2003
A coupla notes, now that I seen that we are looking at this thing again.

First of all... AudBlog. Let's get on that train, right away -- nick wasn't that always one of your composer-style dreams? The processed re:process audio,
the idea of passing a file on and on and on and marking its reformation and continutation in time, as a sound file in sound?

Other then that. How about this weather? Love it or leave it. Sadly, I am going to Mexico this saturday, and will be leaving the cold breath for 7 whole days.
However Mexico should be a treat, I never - of course - have been there before.

Second of all: Does anyone (nick or josh) know of any music type making entity, that is working in that 5.1 Doldy Surround jive, or whatever that is on DVD's. I have a DVD player with the five speaker set up, and sounds neat, makes me feel like a Best Buy shopper.... when can I get a CD taylor-made for the DVD surround business... what do I have to do?..wait for Radiohead to do this or something? can I get it now? Somebody talk about this?

Lastly: I have a mission for the blog.

Let's see some requests fulfilled, i mean, in the spirit of the season - 'tis the season for giving and what... wouldn't it be neat to see some wish list be met, or delivered, or filled out... so here goes my wish list (anyone wanting to help fulfill it please do so in any favorable/optionable/personable way...)

1) Pick-up truck
2) Who invented the sun-dial?
3) Statistics on America's dental habits compared to other nations
4) Nocturnal
5) How much do crane's and other construction vehicles cost?
7) Mother-of-pearl

ok, let's get back to work!!!!

PS. scott, I saw that Frank Sinatra special too.
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