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Friday, January 16, 2004
As I see it, the blog (and your are right Sco' 'tis not a blog, really, but a bulletin board) should be a place to put up links, ideas and evidence of internet pathways not always obvious in everyday use. It takes a good deal of information-sharing to get the most out of this electronic text environment, and this little interface to me seems best if used as a way, or a portal of sorts, to getting to more layers of the information already available, but not always at hand.

In that effort, and to those of us (see: me) who found the physics and math applets fun and/or interesting... here is a very nice interface for learning more about thephysics of sound and hearing

In fact, I welcome any discussion which helps me understand the principles behind decibels, as we all know, I am not the strongest mathematician!!
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