A Human Movement
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
An interesting tale of the rise and fall of a holy man... I wonder what traces of his following linger on Martha's Vineyard. Peter Simon still does (with his sister Carly). And there is certainly some New Agedness going on. But what consciousness research?

Do records exist of the students that spent those mythic years with Leary and Alpert? Did these folks write memoirs about their times, or did they fade back into the American framework, minds a little more open and free?


Thom, I DO hope you are collecting these PDFs for proposed project. What kind of metadata can one add to a PDF? Is this possible (so that the filename or contents don't have to be the only indicators to what you can find in these files)? And if so, can this information be retrieved for MySQL archiving?

Lots of questions...
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