A Human Movement
Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Knowledge Map

My first scan! Yay! Scott some things my be changing around these parts, I believe it may even be a Human Movement, the next generation... in the meanwhile, I would like post this little diagram I drew up about how I think knowledge is created.
Of course I am taking for granted a few things, but essentially my point is to map out what is occuring as We are,

Through environment, we determine shape, size, conditions and move forward in time trusting what we doubt, yet this force is always tempered by memory (doubting memory is forgetting).

Environment is equal to being, in this model, so it may be said to be a model of 'nurture' over 'nature' idea of knowledge, but i prefer to think that nurture is nature, or that the two don't really matter as they are equally 'ideas,' especially over time, as they are part of 'knowledge.' Time moves out of being towards the environment, and the environment moves toward being through experience (abreviated as exp. as experience should also be thought of as experiment.) These forces both away and toward, simulateously create 'knowledge,' a situated 'time-experience.'

...Conventions, or creating conventional thought, "conventioning" define as entities such as 'vocabulary,' 'fashion,' 'economy,' 'rules,' 'concepts' all sit in between the extension of environment and being toward time and experience creating knowledge.

Time and experience are indeed, the primary conventions, creating the knowledge swirl.

Just a doodle. anyway, things should change around here.. be on the lookout.

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