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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I just went on a real internet journey --- it was amazing --- it last 1:56 minutes and it all started when I looked up Gilbert Sismondon at Google and landed on a Blog of some Lit Professor at Univ. of Washington, Steven Shaviro

I was sad to find out that Sismondon's L'individu et sa genèse physico-biologique "The Individual and its Physico-biological Individuation" was not translated, what kind of a loser am i to not speak French. So I look over this Shaviro webblog some more and just randomly click one of the links hallucinations & antics and it turns out to be a guy who just played as part of a laptop show at that Niblock space sponsored by Autonomedia who is just happening to be sponsoring an event tonight starring none other then Brian Flanagan of the Weather Underground fame!

Well at this point, I am just about boiling over with some juicy information congruencies, that I nearly forget about the fact that just earlier I was trying to figure out what the hell this sentence in a book meant:

"Einstein dismantles the intuitive notion of the simultaneity of events and demonstrates that the only practical simultaneity is constructed or conventional, based on signs (clocks) that are themselves subject to distortion due to relative movement.

...hmm, if simultaneity is practically impossible through signs (clocks) then what of electronic storage, i.e. links on the internet? Hoppity hop....

Well, After the Brian Flanagan tie in, I search around some more at the hallucinations & antics web site, trying to figure out who the hell takes music so seriously, and realize that, ah, it is a canadian and NOT a new yorker! That made sense, but still, why do people (of a certain intellectual bend) insist on making midi controllers out of stupid things???

Isn't it just as exciting to do this as it is to make a flute out of a Pixie Stick!!! Why the love of midi controllers??? Please someone help me on this!! If you ask me, MIDI controllers are like the clocks that Einstein has claimed distorted, lets leave them be, put down the Power Glove, they have done enough, sure you can make a pitch higher when you poke on a Tickle-Me-Elmo knee, but who cares? Make the note higher when the note is higher, let's get simultaneous WITHOUT those darn signs!!!

Maybe it has something to do with this Socio-Technology nonsense

Here is something better on the subject...

oh well, this post and the re-surfing/reading has taken 16 minutes... and I still didn't even get to the better parts of my adventures....

here is to more to come.

PS, Josh can you change the colors back to something a little more easy on the eyes???
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