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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Reminding me of what is real, - in this world,- again... I have come across an enormous book collection, books related to drugs, drug culture, LSD, marijuna, cocaine, music, etc.... to be more precise this is Albert Goldman's book collection, the first professor of pop culture at an Ivy League University, author of The Lives of Lennon, Disco, Ladies and Gentlemen...Lenny Bruce, Freakshow and Elvis: the Last 24 Hours

Amongst the books, reminding me of where to be, how to be, what to do, how to do, but sad at how all of this (culture of drugs, visions, truth, gods) could be lost. Hope is that it is not lost, but rather just, not in the mainstream window as it once was, nonetheless from the years Nineteen Hundred and Sixty Six until Nineteen Hundred and Seventy Eight, there was surely a lot of books published with the subject 'dope, grass, kids, youth, problems, etc.'

Did I ever tell anyone that I read how Elliot Ingber commonly played whilst on Angel Dust, (must be why the solo on Alice in Blunderland is so cosmically delicious.

side bar: Drugs don't make you cool, but cool people often take drugs??? Discuss

Oh this is such a tough one to work out! I for one DO NOT think that the idea of a drug wasted musician is played out... in fact I think it's time is again. However, I am fairly specific about what I mean by drug wasted musician, as the person would neither be that much into alchohol, save for flavor, or cocaine, save for coffee. A big bald-headed man with a white gown, donning large wings made from cellophane and feathers, playing a stringed electric box whilst standing on a large pile of corn cobs, crows flying over head, the instrument is silent while the music is actually the sound of large steep cliffs below our (emphasis OUR) white gowned man, occaisonal rocks falling, plong!

Found a copy of The Man Who Turned on the World a book about the Man Who Turned on Timothy Leary, in this collection. Happily re-read the part about the mayonnaise jar of 5000 spoonfuls of LSD and confectioner sugar!

Oh to have some walls crumble. I'd toss some of those corn cobs into the air over the cliffs for the crows to try to catch!! crows, yes, they are black.

At least if not, it is nice to see that this stuff (the books) will be tucked away in the dark corners of education, it merits the space, I mean, afterall, this is the stuff, this is it, this is it all!

It is lunchtime now for a man, I think I will venture back to the stacks, wondrous as they are, and go on brief information-congruency-ride, starting with the idea of What Is A Face? Is It a Myth or Is It Real?
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