A Human Movement
Friday, March 11, 2005
here is another poem I wrote a few days ago, it's sort of part fantasy, but it's very real.

I want to come to your house, use the bathroom, read a book, use the bathroom again, have a chat with you while I am reading in the bathroom, during this time I would like you to be dancing, you are free to perform any dance, but you must be wearing socks or protective coverings on your feet, it is important for me not to see your feet. Once I finish the appropriate time spent in the bathroom I will exit into your kitchen where you will stop your dancing immediately and greet me with a refreshing glass of water which I will refuse. I will search your cabinets for anything with poppy seeds which I will then scatter about your apartment floor, the ways in which the poppy seeds land will then be diagramed by my staff of 4 men who will enter your apartment one at a time. One wearing no zippers, another wearing only buttons, one with plastic pants and the last carrying a small chalkboard on which the poppy seed diagram will be drawn. Once my crew is finished diagraming the poppy seed layout score, they will exit your apartment. The one wearing no zippers will keep his hands below his waste, the one wearing only buttons will surprise you, for although he will seem mildly retarded - he will have a way about him which will keep you entertained, the man with the plastic pants will play for you a jazz inspired solo using only the sound of his plastic pants rubbing against your floors and walls, perhaps he will use the word 'solamente' as compositional guidance, his plastic pants jazz solo will delight you to no end, and even the retarded man wearing only buttons will become enchanted by the plastic pants dance, there is a chance that the slightly retarded man will encourage the plastic pants dance further and possibly become involved, his involvement will not worry you, but it will signal the end of the true dance moment, at this point the plastic pants solo will end and the man with the chalkboard will read to you your fortune based on the coordinates of the poppy seeds which fell to the floor. which he will have cleaned up while you were enjoying the plastic pants dance. Once you feel satisfied that you know what awaits you in this life the 4 men will exit your apartment the way they came in, and i will bequest of you a drink of water, which this time, I will accept. I will be wearing a football jersey donning the number 8(0) Does this sound like a plan?
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