A Human Movement
Friday, March 11, 2005
I want to post this poem again, because I like it being above and below the poem about the dance.

Plants are animals, animals are plants, at night you die, in the morning
you are reborn, a celery plant has an equal right to exist as does a
grizzly bear, a grizzly bear has an equal right to eat fish as does a
human, eating something prolongs its life, we live inside others once we
die, we are living in the belly of the dead right now, the dead are alive,
the living don't know, their not knowing kills them, and killing something
is a right we all have as we use oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide,
(thus killing its form, here changing is killing where what is, is one thing
and then another, formless)
oxygen is as alive as the stones in the quarries that were used to build the buildings which keep the babies warm as they eat their mothers eating them.

thank you
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