A Human Movement
Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Oh my sweet deep syncrastic life, let it all come home... As I was just mulling over what the fuck 1971-1973 was, and how was it possible, and then I realized that my hands were on this, in the flesh....

Aspen No. 9 "The Psychedelic issue"

Clearly, I am close to the source, I shouldn't be pushing my luck, there spirits are inside this (and so is a whole bunch of other crap I got to fish out.) Let this be a lesson to man, where man is only what I know and witness as the only man I can know and witness through, and at the same time without making any guesses as to what other man might be witnessing based on my assesments of the scence. Earth, ground, woman, clothing, computer, fingers, let's bring it back.

Oh good swelling gracious god, I have it, I do,

I've just received a gift, I must understand it now. How could I have been so slow as to know what is around me, and before me!? I've got to settle down and read this... I hope you all do to... man. More sense of this to come.
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