A Human Movement
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Oh oh no no no!! In keeping with the spirit of Human Movement, this post will bring you some of what is, also known as, the hot shit, and the ouch! kind of hot, no less. No lies, and no covering over, for what lies within is - it. The kind of information that laces one's skates, readying the person for a smooth glide upon time's iced over pastures. Blue ice of clean life! Today it comes in the form of Rosetta Tharpe. You can google her biography all you want, but along the way one must stop and view this video;

Also in keeping with the spirit of Human Movement posts, I will not write much else besides this. Other then to plant my flag for my own web cartographical studies, so as to say, I was here, and when, what else really could I write? This is what I have come to love about these posts, they create no need for introductions or conclusions, they just are - here. A bulletin board of the world's achievements, small and smaller. In all seriousness, however, I ask "what else can a person do but point in the direction of fire and say, ow!"
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