A Human Movement
Monday, March 14, 2005
...to have knowledge in some part requires you to not have knowledge, first,
a body must be empty first before it can be filled. This is ok, and things can also go backwards, something can be lost or forgotten, but that is not very interesting and usually what is lost is not actually lost, but more then likey was, not understood correctly when it was not lost.

What is the way of describing knowledge that is gained from questions you never asked? Are you always empty and gaining knowledge in this way? When things remain the same, is it better that they remain full or remain empty?


and now for no reason, I feel drawn to find out what is, or more about 3.
I know what three is, but still I want to know what three is.

What is three, this that and the other and what can be had of dwelling on the what is of three?


"the sacred triad of unprogrammed Quakerism is that of God in every person, silent worship, and decisions by sense of the meeting."

that is potent, I feel that.

Horus, Osiris, and Isis, the most important triad of gods in the ancient Egyptian religion. Osiris wears the Atef crown and carries the royal crook and flail, while his son Horus is represented as a falcon-headed man, Isis has on her head the hieroglyph and symbol of her name, Isis, represented as a step throne or seat. She wears an elegant feather dress. Osiris was the god of the underworld and resuscitation while his sister and wife Isis was considered the symbolic mother of the Pharaoh and was worshipped as the “Great of Magic” and regarded as the “Eye of Ra”. Their son Horus is traditionally considered the first Pharaoh of Egypt and at later times, the spiritual king where the Pharaoh is only his representative on Earth.

Hindi sacred triad of karma, reincarnation, and caste

Albert Ayler: The father, son, and holy ghost. What Coltrane was talking about there, maybe it was a biblical term: he was the father, Pharaoh was the son, and I was the holy ghost. And only he could tell me things like that.

All triads have three positions that they can be arranged in. The root, 1st inversion,
and 2nd inversion.

Root Position Triad
If the triad root is in the lowest voice then the triad is in Root Position.
1st Inversion Triad
If the third of the triad is in the lowest voice the triad is the 1st inversion.
1st Inversion
2nd Inversion Triad
If the 5th of the triad is in the lowest voice, the triad is in the 2nd inversion.
2nd Inversion
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