A Human Movement
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Allow me to introduce myself to myself;
Hello, here is what I believe in. I believe in seperation of identity from action,
I believe in timeless progression of the soul, I believe in a definition of soul which changes the word soul to some other unintelligable sound representing whatever any person wishes it to represent as they say, think, do it. It would not be odd for me to believe that there are forces of good and bad, and that they intermix historically, but goodness is essentially weak and badness is essentially strong. Viewed in this way I think algae is better then steel, birch bark has more goodness then plastic. I am not going to not find the goodness in a plastic bag, as I believe excepting the strength and durability of a thing is a type of weakness that is good. I believe in a definition of identity which would be the complete opposite of naming a thing, for instance if a totem pole is before you, I think that everything else around you is the identity of the totem pole, not the pole itself, I intend to say that; the not-pole is the pole. The known thing is always impossible to know and I am completely comfortable with that, I support a continual shifting vision-sense-knowledge world where the ground is not below you, what is below you is not below you, because as a good person you know that there is something above the ceiling which of course is the ground for that which is above ceiling, you wouldn't want to ignore what you know, you wouldn't want to avoid a cloud if a cloud introduced itself to you, to push a way a cloud is a strong act and is bad, the goal of man is to reside in the clouds, upwards like creme pouring out of the teet and upwards into your mouth, so, what is below you is what is on top of you and this is not chaotic or irrational or anarchic for you to conceive of, it simply is what's going on. There's much more I must tell myself, but I have to be on my way right now, I'll be around the track in no time and back here soon.
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