A Human Movement
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Another choice slit through which to peak at the lives we've inherited:

From the July 1965 Dance Magazine Choreographer Anna Sokolow opens;

I hate academies, I hate fixed ideas of what a thing should be, of how it should be done. I don't like imposing rules, because the person, the artist, must do what he feels right, what he - as an individual - feels he must do. If we establish an academy, there can be no future for modern dance. An art should be constantly changing; it cannot have fixed rules.

The trouble with the modern dance now is that it is trying to be respectable. The founders of the modern dance were rebels; their followers are bourgeouis. The younger generation is too anxious to please, too eager to be accepted. For art, this is death. To young dancers, I want to say: "Do what you feel you are, not what you think you ought to be. Go ahead and be a bastard. Then you can be an artist."


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