A Human Movement
Saturday, April 09, 2005
  First post with a title:
Thinking about adding titles to the movement posts, but I am not sure, it seems a little over the top to title each post. Leaving the title blank is still an option, but I just want to see what the title might look like. I have been experimenting with layouts, I want to add a right column with links, perhaps, maybe move the archive over there, but I kind of like the simple layout now, and I like how it is all one scrollable thing... the problem of losing posts is still as real as ever. Just trying to make my human experience best as possible. Ouch, that title is horrible, I am going to have to change the layout and design of it, because it is too big and too close to the post itself, sorta fixed now I hate this design shit, period, but I guess all things come down to looks at some point.
thanks for sharing this cell phone directory
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