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Thursday, April 14, 2005
  Found Poetry
Some people like the idea of found photography, I think the term readymade is used to describe certain aspects of people's art who prefer to posit beauty in objects manufactured for some other purpose, but presented in the context of art by some artist. I happen to like these sort of ideas and will draw on them for inspiration for posts on A Human Movement. Here is something I found, a poem from a contest at University of Chicago, the Foster Hall Poetry Competition, from some time in the 1940's. Consider this poem once lost, now found - in so far as you are now reading it.

Reality: Objective and Subjective

You count for only this --
    One grain of sand upon a beach at night;
    One splinter, on a two-by-four, left
    among some lonely timbers
    of a fallen, once-a-house;
    One dandelion, in meadowland,
    that grew sometime, somewhere.

    The pole on which I turn,
    The cornerstone of all I know,
    The final scale (for me) of beauty's essence, --
        You count for all of this.
        Anne Byrne

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