A Human Movement
Friday, April 29, 2005
I am convinced that all living creatures can communicate. I think trees radiate growth emission conversations through the the wind and in the soil, I think all animals can talk. It is a lie of jerkery to think that only humans can talk, it is my conviction that squirrels have serious contributions to make to the world of art and science.

The question is: what keeps a person from understanding animals? Is it a too strict adherence to logic? Anal retentive uptightness? the emotional plague!! I don't know...

But I maintain that everything can talk, communicate, and experience equally. This post is going to be kept short, I really just want to "get it down" as it were. There is more to come... But check it: "nothing can be said that cannot be understood by anything said to."

Here is another question: why do new age people always have to have bad style? I think there needs to be a new new age, one that accepts a rigid esthetics, no more pink dolphin dream catchers, no one will take us seriously with all the wishy-washy 8th grade symbolism. If we, as a force of humanity, are going to stand against logic through the acceptence of extra-sentorial acusmata, we are going to have to do so in a way that is pleasing to look at. Let's get serious about this, folks.
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