A Human Movement
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
I received a poem in the mail from a friend, I am going to change it around, contribute to it while keeping it the same, this is all in an effort to embrace my own ideas of the power of withinness, and the strength of the strictly personal. I stand opposed to ideas that force "transcend(dence of) the individual essence of expression, reaching toward an instance of pan-signification." If anything, I believe that the ultra-embrace of the strictly personal is itself a gateway to the discovery of "meaning of relevance to a society or people as a whole." Or at least I offer this as a possibility. here goes:

a felicitous phrase tripped brackets,
upon a petal cause laid barren
on the dewy step of time that worked radicalization of what was the norm
for the floor toward the forms of equality, and not in vain

moist are the mechanics of thoughtspeak,
too often dry is the connection between men
easy through the echoplex of soul.
1,2,3,4, awareness speaks as the echo of voice

as yonder floral prints inflect tribal know-how
the naked back of reason,
is aggressive to the psychological will,
when the reverberation is mixed poorly

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