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Monday, April 04, 2005
It has always been my contention that one polemical viewpoint cannot exist without its opposite. As simple as the yin and yang, you can't have left without right, you can't have wrong without right. So, it seems that as a person striving for life (opposed to death,) only a fool would except a mind dominated by one side of the coin of the events of their lives. Flip a coin four times, and while the chance of it landing tails is still 50% the chance of it laying tails 4 times in a row is less. (However, If a person were desirous of death, then I would be comfortable with a one-sided exceptance coming from them. To be dead is wish for tails every single time.) As we live into our lives, we do so as the propellor of the one and the other, that is in each case its own.

To support one side of a cause, or one style of identity is to be psychologically not well.

Which brings me to my mission and a question;

Question: How much can we learn from a thing that has nothing to do with the other, but was generated at the exact moment in time?
Mission: Gather up everything dated a certain date, from as many sources as possible and use it to create a true history of that moment. i.e, you don't know what a happened unless you know all, or at least attempt to. (I suppose this would do well to attempt to equalize world events, as in; the pope dies, a mouse dies, a hair dryer is turned on, etc.) Towards a disparate unity we march, working under the assumption that it would be scientific thought to show how 1+1=3, the proof is in the process, a thing is always also what it's not.

If a human wants to have an idea as close as possible to himself, it seems, it would be best to have an idea of everything that 'went down' so to speak, at some moment. Rather then pile events on top of one another in a cause and effect, the human should posit the conceivable all in a circle and say 'here.'

File this thought under the heading; "street lamps have thoughts too, 'cuz they do."

***Please note that as I write this I am reconstructing lines of correspondence from piles of filth into 10 feet stacks of 1960-1979 A-Z. You should try it, it burns. I am trying it, I said. Indeed.
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