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Friday, April 15, 2005
Now that I have added this sidebar --> thing which is automatically updated with links as they are touched by my hands down here at the keyboard; I think that it allows actual posts, such as this one, to exhibit themselves more or less, 'link-free.' Since I don't have to make posts which say "hey, check this power source for mind state creation via your own hands out" (although they will come) I can instead just lay out text, words, dots, sounds spelled as they arrive, and also, of course, more genuine 'one of a kind' information.

What is genuine 'one of a kind' information? It's the process of leaving a light on, the uncovering of materials which have been hitherto covered. Casting light onto dark places, etc. which sounds cliche, because as a young man, I've got pretty good night eyes. I eat carrots. We eat carrots. I expect people can see well in the dark, so 'one of a kind' information has less to do with light then expected, which is itself an instatiation of the light clause.

Are there some words that have never been spelt? A Human Movment encourages words to be set on display that have never been spelt before. We will call these words, 'words that have never been spelt before.' Although we will never know if these words truly have never been spelt before at some time, we will come to know this knowledge that we are uncertain as to whether they may have been spelt at some other time come to represent a force similar to tragedy in the universe. We are sad because we are still lacking a means of communication as animal-time-riders to be certain of something so simple of whether or not a word has been spelt before. In this way communicating what has not been communicated before will take a certain precedence, and hopefully engender some real discovery.

So here goes:

Comefreelycandonwalltopthreatsforovergraindeftfillhalfagoforage settleroneandtwouptohalfwaybodyfeast

Ok, good, that's a start.

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