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Thursday, April 21, 2005
  The Power of Watch U Listen 2

Yeah, well, there's been a short gap in posts here from tel esta, I've just been keepin' 'em to myself, among other things. Learning to say; "Fuck You." and Gnarly... Fuck every single one of you, and your private lives, and your favorite concerns, I can only hope you want the same from me, I'd be so jealous. A Judgeless Utopia exclamation! Add a little echo to the fuck you I'm saying so it resonates deeper into the brain's horseshit canal forever!

Every person has strengths and weaknesses, it's up to every person to reverse them each time. If you are bad at something, make that good and if you are good at something, make that bad. I am not trying to prostletize, but if facts are faced - I love being prostletize to, so why should I stop there?

two things I've been lit up over:

Godspeed the Static

and writing poems; here's one I just nabbed from the nabe of my today's text files, I think I hit about 7 or 8.5 today.


sweet equality approach
give a man day old bread
behold a diamond boot equation
mindmeld swamp conundrum
scaffold lightning seminar
radar bowel emblazened for days
irritated jackal noose, up step-parent alley
bent lifestyle threesome birdfeeder
a daughter of an eyelid, throw away vision

the words you come up with are much more your brains then your brains are
brains are the words you come with to the communication line

get behind me
water fountain sandwich stool
stick sun maroon dry day
on a pile of sand in the corner
step on it neutral, gas mask of make-up

the scenarios created with words are your judges that judge you
activator activation insert identity pronoun gallup

let's make a line of riders
simple situations get done but not pre-arranged
electric pads of current, throbbing those who assign wrong answers
not the line up
timely players understand, (what was done once is twice done at most in front of insert word initiate)
swing felt preyed upon thwarting

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