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Monday, April 11, 2005
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Super-Conscious Mind Recognized by Scientists

New York, April 4, 1928.—Jules-Bois, French lecturer and member of L’Ecole de Psychologie, or psychological department of the Sorbonne, arrived yesterday on the French liner Il de France. He told of the recognition on the part of French scientists of the so-called "superconscious" mind which is the exact opposite of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s subconscious mind and which he said was the quality "which makes man really man and not just a super-animal."

M. Jules-Bois said that the existence of a superconscious mind had long been recognized philosophically, being in reality the "over-soul" spoken of by Emerson, but that it was only recently that it had been recognized scientifically. He described it as the mental attribute which afforded inspiration to genius. He said that belief in this was not mysticism though it recognized and valued the qualities which mystics preached.

The new psychological quality had been investigated in French laboratories associated with the Sorbonne, he said. M. Jules-Bois added that it had practical applications and described how French psychologists had cured an habitual drunkard by arousing his sense of moral values through the awakening of this superconscious mind.

He said that the awakening of the moral consciousness was not to be confused with Coueism or hypnotism. These, though effective in some cases, he said, were relatively superficial. M. Jules-Bois, who has already spoken in this country under the auspices of the Alliance Francaise, will lecture on this subject in America.—New York Times.
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