A Human Movement
Thursday, April 28, 2005
  Tiny observations:
A homeless man introduced himself on the train today as Brother William, he was a good looking man, but missing some teeth. He told the crowd that he was nearly blind with glaucoma in both eyes, and homeless and hungry. He went the "I don't drink or do drugs" route, but then added some very touching lines about respecting all god's creatures that gave me the right set of goose bumps. A man then asked him about his condition and his eyes, I didn't hear Brother William's response but it was too late the man had grabbed William's hand was praying for him, I could hear some mumblings about blessings and fathers and he and spirit and health, and then another guy, dressed in a business suit, reached in and put his hand on top of the others'. It was a veritable prayer circle, it got louder, a women joined in and there were now four chanting mumblers sending their energy over to Brother William, who could have probably just used a buck. The women sitting next to me lowered her head and started mumbling attentively to the rhythm of the first guy who had started the prayers for Brother William. It was over and the homeless Williams went on his way. Are other people seeing these things? It was very nineteenth century, I imagined.
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