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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  Choice cuts:
I have a nice peice of nostalgia before me; Vol. XLIX - No. 19, November 21, 1969 of The Blue and Grey, the campus newspaper for Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. Lead story on right hand column of front page:

State Attorney Speaks on Drug Problem

Drug abuse has recently become a great problem in the United States, a problem which particularly affects the youth...Mr. Roethenhoefer, the prosecuting attorney for Frederic County and Corporal Harbaugh, a state trooper who has done considerable research in the area....Which is more harmful, heroin or LSD? Answer: one is as bad as the other: one can die because of heroin or become mentally deranged because of LSD. Other points concerning LSD: If one has a "bad trip" on becomes crazy immediately; in the case of a "good" trip, the person has such sensations as seeing colors or becoming "more aware of what is going on around him." One can have recurrences of "the trip" even two years later, causing severe mental derangement or even death, if, for example, one is driving when this hallucination recurs; secondly it has been medically proven that LSD causes deformation in children born to mothers who have taken LSD.

That is how the article ends, with the deformation statement. What a fantastic and pure example of the propaganda and lies created to reclaim the brains of the young in the late 60's. I have never heard of Hood College in Maryland, but I'm guessing it was a second tier school, where it of the utmost importannce for the government to curb the growing mind expansion trend. Your better schools might not have allowed lies like this to reach their student newspapers, or else the students were to smart and were handling their LSD just fine. Nonetheless, this little article is a gem and again, I wish I had a pocket-mini-scanner at the ready to post it.
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