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Friday, May 06, 2005
  Friday's only post
My amazon order of The Gospel of Scholarship: Pierce Butler and A Critique of American Librarianship finally showed up. Does anyone else find used books ordered through Amazon Marketplace can take up to a month to arrive at one's door?

Anyway, I dug into it only but a little, but what was dug into was immediately mind-blowing. It contains a reprint of Pierce Butler's classic An Introduction to Library Science, of which I have before only read parts of, in a photocopy handout almost 4 years ago. More to come on this reading in the future. Also, the post below this one still needs a lot of work. One thing is for certain: Pierce Butler is one of the coolest dudes ever. One of the last true pragmatic christians, before the blood was mixed!!

Check this line out: ...In his concern for these emotional values the librarian has come to conceive his office as a secular priesthood, administering a sacrament of cultural communion to individual souls. At every suggestion that his activity be examined as an objective social phenomenon he draws back in terror because he fears that this can only be done by a sacrifice of all spirituality..."

Wooh! That is hot, sounds like a masthead of what AHM has turned into!!! Ok, I gotta work dammit. PS. Mastheads are stupid.
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