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Friday, May 20, 2005
  The importance of imposed erraticness:
John French from here. What's funny is that I think the point here is that Mr. French did not enjoy the effects of being dosed, but if you do listen to the Mirror Man session, it's some of the best drumming he did, primarily because of loose-erraticness to it. Also the dosing during recording, which certainly did not take place before or after the Mirror Man session, might also explain the 19 minuts of Tarotplane, and the 15 minutes of Mirror Man. I'm listening to 'Kandy Korn,' for the first time in easily over a year, (I'm careful with this shit,) and again the tears are flowing on point.

...What place did drugs esp. hallucinogens play in the recording of the early works?

Don was taking a lot of LSD during my early months of tenure. Needless to say, it was difficult to work with him during this period. Confusion seemed to reign supreme. I explore this topic and try to offer my insights into the behaviour I witnessed and what effects it had upon the music, both lyrically and musically.

I was given LSD before recording some of the Mirror Man sessions without my knowledge by Don’s girlfriend, Laurie Stone. I suspect that this was at Don’s suggestion, and he could be quite persuasive. Part of the reason the drumming is so erratic in places is because of my state of mind. I feel also that there was LSD put in my tea on other occasions, but in very small doses. Just enough to keep me confused.
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