A Human Movement
Thursday, May 19, 2005
New first rule of reality whereby rules are strictly non-rules, and elsewhere in mind contain words whereupon spokenness will bring about enchanted, solidified states of mind, often called beliefs, supporting the reality of goodness and the pursuit of goodness for all. These rules as non-rules of thinking are for those who are interested in goodness and not disease and ruinment of the possible purity of conception in the thought of humans.

I. Supreme being and supreme good must be conceived as identical to the limit-point of the forward march of conciousness...highest being and absolute value...thus be conceived as the absolute negation of every possible determination of individuality

I do not exist. In this way, and for this brief moment, all self-promotion efforts are equalized equally behind enemy lines, and should be considered dangerous territory if we are to want to remain concerned with goodness as highest being and absolute value. The disease of man is NOT the constant self-referal and cravenous-safety-lust-remorse-response familiar, (that familiarness remains only so) But rather that the step to self-negation remains difficult in the mind of the self-promoter-positor. It is possible to be a non-self-promoter, and leave behind excellent effects of desire, but most actors of non-self are best conceived in the past, as their actions are produced desires. In the present these types fall into the fold of excellence, such as witnessing a tree blow in the wind and realizing that there are many more trees doing the same thing that you cannot possibly witness simultaneously. To say then: "I know wind + tree" is to self-promote in a way opposite of highest being and absolute value Efforts taken toward 'all encompassment again' are the ones needed.
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