A Human Movement
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
"you can't observe it, you must subserve it" I can't believe that I haven't ever read these words, in this order before. It's such an obvious rhyme, so much so that I'm excited, I gotta be on the lookout for it, until that point that I can call it my own, I gotta mouth too.

New favorite call to arms: & get ready; "Individuality is limited to the life-cycle of the species." Wooh, that feels good to say. "Individuality is limited to the life-cycle of the species." A call to arms, for sure. Personality is too often only a recurrence of an established type!! Oh yeah, c'mon say it again now.

The question becomes; Does the fact that our culturo-time-society passes information along through generation to generation mean that we are advanced over societies that do not pass along such learnedness? Would it be better to begin each generation with the freeness of their own? I suppose there's no point in this question, because, because of cause we are stuck with our information-legacy-appraisals always unto, causally speaking, I am speaking be-cause.

Now: Working on digging up some digital files of Arthur Lee's 'Vindicator' for young Sco. And I'm more then just merely honestly-integrally-maturely-yonderly mindfully-at-prime about finding a copy of 'Horse Cock Phepner' [1987] to listen to. It's like a key to a warp dimension bastard a la "a bush recording."

C'mon now. Ok, more shrapnel.
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