A Human Movement
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
  Imagine yourself in a bathroom stall:

Get to a copy of the Yardbirds, Lost Woman from Roger the Engineer and listen to the track on headphones, however, only listen to the left channel. The vocals/harmonica track are on the right and the guitars are on the left. You get to hear the best feedback ever recorded, which literally seeps into your head like a '66 Pinot Noir. Even better is that the vocals bleed from the right channel over to the left, but all you can hear is trace elements of the extreme reverb of the room the tracks was recorded in. It sounds as if there is man yelling in the building next to you. The reverb is ever so delightfully magical, it's a prescription for even the soul-less, the whole experience is worth repeating over and over!

Oh hold on, the effects of the bleeding-e-cho-faint voice is here on Nazz are Blue too, it's sumptuous.
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