A Human Movement
Friday, June 24, 2005
  no nothings.
Much can be learned from looking at representation of truth's changes in and over time. A grassy landscape to a parking lot. For instance, it is oft believed that the sexual organs of two, a male and a female, create life when conjoined for a period of time in such a way. With this belief comes the idea that one's blood carriage is line-like, but what must be lapsed to lose this dearly held notion? If on the day of your conception your father ate a chicken salad sandwhich, and used the energy from said sandwhich to arouse his human making sensibilities, how much do you, as spawn of those sensibilities, owe to that chicken salad? And if it is not known, how can we really expect to go around with such convictions of purity where notions of identity are considered?

I am not a father, but I am a son. These identities, father and son, mean little to me but they do seem to be thought and referred to much in the literature of life. They are symbols in the symptoms for sure, but how much does it take to come to understand fatherhood to mean something more close to 'perception,' that what is known is created as it is perceived, each son is begat fatherly by each person, and further that this is the scope of the world's time human's dwell in?

I've got far to go, but I only ask a simple question: and it is: Isn't it possible to spell a word wrong and yet, still have its meaning come across equally to as if it were spelt correctly? And if so, what does this mean about spelling? And furthermore what does it mean about order? If spelling itself is understood as one type of order, what are persons doing to themselves each time they spell a word, but believing in an irrational order? Who is irrational, the person who spells words incorrectly, or those that believe in the 'i before e' phenomenon?

I'm not anti-authoritarian, but I do wonder what it means why so much of what is possible goes unnoticed and unchallenged. More often the not, it is the unnoticement and unchallenging way of head-to-body relations which allows people to go ignored, and therefor for what could be to only never come to pass, or for those people to be destroyed (either through war, prescription drugs, malnutrition, or murder)

All people are created equal, and have equal right to access of expression -- if a person does not challege something as simple as the spelling of a 'wurd,' how then can we expect these same people to press for the rights equal of others? In the landscape of thinking, it seems that more people become extinct then survive -- and the cause for this extinction is the success of the few at becoming not ignored. I suppose this is why public relations as business through photography and the media is akin to cancer and representative of our poisoned times, i.e. mass destruction. But still, all it take is a glance at a space to understand that it will change again, and how we spell our times before us, will again change.
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