A Human Movement
Thursday, June 09, 2005
It is my conviction that all things should be shared. Further, that all things are always in a state of already sharedness. All things have safety in their sharedness to be, as they are shared in the name of education. It's "universal experience time" and more simply, the question of what is a thing. I believe that all entities in the world are broken down into infinite parts where the defining characteristics of the thing are without ownership, then out from this intermediary state, individuals each grab their own part of the entity, as they come to know it. What is, is always ready to be changed through the appropriation of others, in knowledge. A thing is not what it is, but that it has come to be known.

It is the perspective of the individual which owns the account of what is known by the many, and not the other way around. The main problem of the world is shown here: every person speaks their own language, yet for some reason when two people are conversing they believe they are speaking the same language. If one says tree and the other thinks of tree, green growth bark substance forrest tall etc., there is still not any exact tree that is share between one and the other. If one hears beep and the other hears beep, there are still two beeps. That they both refer to what they heard as beep - does in no way create one beep. This is common sense, and a time should come when this common sense is allowed to prevail.

This is also the gateway to the contradiction which needs to be appropriated as man beathes electrically, 1 in, and 2 out. All things are owned by each individual in knowledge, and although they are out of the same substance, they are never the same as they are known. Only through knowledge does a thing come to exist, and this is why all things should be shared in the name of education. The universal subject guaranteer in the name of allness brings what can be through educative experience.

This is a gift for all those out there who came across this now.

(Shanti, 1972)PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES: Smooth, two-record set of live modal improvisations, with tape delay in Los Angeles and Paris.
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