A Human Movement
Sunday, August 21, 2005
Oh reaching out... for connection.

I got a frequency changer the other day, and it allowed me to group associable recollection next to other similar possibilities.
It uses foot power, and it is the easy way out for right now -if I want to go into the mudanity of the beauty of what can be, and foot power is only slightly representing what it means to blur to associable recollections.

Oh foot.

Oh lust, you perfect inferior, I am a person and I can only witness the true stretch of the imagination needed to consider understaning a possible goal. But still a new goal is thrown at me for each moment I progress. The quietness of an icicle will always prevail over a car alarm...Or would it? What is the sound that is heard when sound is only one way to hear.

The ANSWER: It sounds like easiness and control, and also therefor desire and percussion --- because the answer always implies the already known connection of one to another ---

Lines can blur, no man has the ability to discern lines when they approach.

Stand back, watching the interconnection, let pause occur and reach out to the gaps involved, what is known must has the ability to be not known.
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