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Monday, August 22, 2005
  On the passing of Bob Moog
Artist, scientist, synthesist, prophet Bob Moog passed away and the small obituary posted on the moogmusic website includes a fascinating little quote:

Bob was warm and outgoing. He enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. He especially appreciated what Ileana referred to as "the magical connection" between music-makers and their instruments.

What is Ileana Moog refering to? What magical connection exists between music-makers and their instruments? This is very interesting, and worthy of further explanation, interpretation, understanding.

What is the connection between say: Roy Buchanan and his telecaster? Sun Ra and his MiniMoog? Is it the same as Van Gogh and his brush or palette? A biologist and his microscope? What bonds men (and women) to their tools? I am sure many people have attempted to posit some kind of 'eros' in between the hand and the drill, need and cause, but really how can we attempt to identify the beauty of the instruments people use to some kind of previously built-up logic?

I wouldn't be averse to an interpretation that some kind of supra-cellular propelsion in the form of magnetic ray spectra is what binds man the artist to the tools of his craft, leaving those available to wider band of spectra with a greater need, or the ability to connect with higher resonating tools. Such as a Bruce Springsteen with his telecaster or a Buddy Holly with his stratocaster or a programmer with his operating system. Magnetic pulsar rays of unknown attraction bonding us to our lust, and the outcome beauty.

(I would also admit that destruction is highly a part of this magnetic lust, and that pollution and carcinogens are an acceptable part of the tool attraction hypothesis.)
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