A Human Movement
Monday, October 03, 2005
  used 12-tone strat (DiMarzio body) with tele neck

Contemplating microtonal guitars on Josh's mentioning of his interest in them to me this weekend. This one is available. 12 frets in regular place, but 12 more frets added to provide 36 notes per octave. (?) Interesting to think of how this might radically alter the ability to find lost sounds, and in-between intervals, but I'm pretty sure that I couldn't figure it all out. I can't help but think that it would be easy to get more 'crazy warbles' (my technical term for the sounds which inform life) from a regular tuning on a neck like this, as more notes would be available from the start. Essentially it would be possible to play runs without a tremolo bar which would sound like using a tremolo bar on a regular fretted instrument. I can also imagine that three or four note repeated melodies could get particular more jarring with the slight variations available at the fingertips.

Recently I have been tuning to [from low E] / D# G# C# F# A D# /

This is essentially tuning down every string a half step, but tuning the B (5th string) up a whole step. This allows for unisons on the 4rth + 5th string to be found at a comfortable position (upside down power chord) and also for full octave unisons between 1st and 6th string D#'s to drone around the inner strings. It also allows for sort of normal interaction in the first 4 strings where everything is just a half step lower.

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