A Human Movement
Monday, November 07, 2005
  an actual draft;

Presiding over I know what you got,
the king man delivered decree and solemn oath;
'out proper land grows grain ensconced
out undue procedure pours pain in depth,
on matters of measurement use my arm
where my arm shall not fit, refer to my castle with
its tower stone to see defense -
and should threats still billow, or even nature concern,
envision my amulet married to thee.'

king man then made masterfully, turned from whence and was gone
into hot bed chamber sweat linen July,
breaked bread swang goose neck, copper water feast
in darkness for the next three days, servants waited,
on pondering reverse daylight curtains barred see.

Should I be the king knowing what you've got, or
would I as king spread sovereignty stronger as ancient knive knight
wondering what you've got, says not him.
Queen shares a bed entered absent chamber, hair enthroned
'There's a throng of muttering tasks, King,
shall I commit then or,' pesteringly, 'let them in'

My subjects are commited, commence repeating as so.
Grey skinned dwellers and brown sleeved mourners, for
I know what you've got, these subjects in me.

But, knowing what you've got has gotten only for your defense,
the tall tower, highest point, with its stone to see.
(Each attempt the king made to know, was marked with another
stone step, heightening the castle tower, official mason worked free)

That I, king know what you got, might not would be the
stricken blow, which only the amulet might sew-
No, I should commit to these subjects, and they should not break bread here
for there lived world is owed to my knowledge, which defends them so

King sat dark, pink flesh to whiter flesh sang time passing,
until August marking the neighboring tower address king delivery
king rose to hallway, echo step inbred solo, a marching band of flow

servant swang open tapis, King stepped silent approaching roar-
'The surveys have been taken, measurements have arrived, the land is clean and free,
I know that Lake Westerly is 8 King Arm deep, Farmer There's land is 42 towers wide
yielding 400 king's arms of cotton, 300 king's arm of green edibles, 200 king's arm fruit and 100 KA root.
These shall be yours, subject grey and brown, so that I may continue to know and your defense grow,
In turned King, silent observed landed people, serfs and ladies.

A craftsman uttered to another, below,
'The kings report speaks not to what I know'
'The king report ignores my efforts of trade'
Another craftsman, freindly with the first used words to support,
'again I promise this first craftsmans utterance to be sound pure,
for my craft too, has yet to be measured and should it be- I may be of more worth
then some defense tower stone to see'

The crowed murmured wonder, filed memory, and set off.
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