A Human Movement
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
  machinations for the fleesh
all reactions between men are equal, where only, equal is allowed to mean the collected difference between those matters involved.

the sound made; 'hey,' is used to call attention from one thing to another. Should the word sound as 'utter,' in addition to man not attending to his fellow man's needs, it makes no difference what the other said as he will remain unattended. His other has said no. This occurs as scientific as graphs and heart beats: the world between one and the other.

No worries come when the man is unattended. 1 of every 4 men are without attention. And where 4 implies 1, then it is 16, 32, 166, and so on as white, locomotion, slop, advancements.

[Combat occurs where those involved admit to the location of their bodies in space. Space in this instance is the eye, and body is their digestive process. Combat is interlocutation and involvement is all matters which have hitherto been processed as acting. The performance is the region, or group of spaces where eyes see and bodies process.]
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