A Human Movement
Tuesday, December 06, 2005
  enveloping paddles
The procedural pancake mix, wet appetites of those who "pick" "nic,"
no matter what the blankets cover, melodic concentration, he said camp,
they said tennis racquet, i said sun, it's a hectic mix to forgive from a
person whose arms are the size of fences, or borders even and are as yet, to be, outstretched,
no matter the size of the sun baked roll i called cake, the earth has been a pan for me and not for you. my forearm tremors are medicinal because they yield longitudinal apprehension,

the body rose, yeast made it do so, the active ingredient aggresor pressure cooker,
mister with the moustache who is the coach of the past, he coaches yesterday and gets a lot of production from 8 years ago, his front man in the wing is this guy from 12 years ago who has good stick control, great hands.

The sun cooks the body, the man coaches the team of past, but it's Bacteria That calls all the shots. It's got all the money. Most people's eyes are almonds. Justice is the knowledge that most nuts have personalities growing up to the sun, but that it is ok to take from them to see, and then, to see what the almond sees. Because the almonds is the eye of the just human.
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