A Human Movement
Monday, December 05, 2005
  I have before me
A program to an event from 1917 at Carnegie Hall called:

"Greater and Better New York, Fourth Town Meeting" the subject of the night was "Good Health and Clean Streets" and it's got a lot of knowledge coming off of it.

The Event was produced by The Civic Forum. There were speeches by various commissioners; one such speech:

"A Clean City" by Commissioner J.T. Featherston of the Department of Street Cleaning.

and there also was "Moving Pictures" one was titled "The Day's Work" and it probably was about picking up trash.

Lillian Wald gave a speech called "Serving the City," and it was illustrated with "moving pictures" of her "Visiting Nurse Service" doing some street cleaing, I have the speech here, she described the moving pictures as:

"Here you will see women of diverse nationalities and many creeds forgetting separations in the great service of this precious cause. Clear thinking men and women of different nationalities or different classes find no frontiers between them. Internationalism in the truest sense of the word is their experience."

There was also music played by something called "The Street Cleaning Band" which was probably a band of trashmen of the time. In Carnegie Hall!
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