A Human Movement
Tuesday, December 06, 2005
  a 'once half hour'
'Choke battery stage' is the state of the throat performance where energy is the momentary joyness of finding something natural occuring that is circular.

'Wing man sent' is the method for which strangers who are not strangers, you know, those people who are only 5 minutes away, in other cars, houses, or sidewalks become part of your knowledge of yourself. They 'sent man wing' you, you 'wing man sent' them.

'Deaf cuff length' is the shape arms form when arms are near one another, in crossing or in mind, wing man sent (other people's) arms approach a crossing with others in the choke battery stage. No arm is not circular when placed near another both in physical crossing or mind planned.

'Picture mesh whence' is a way of improvised mapping whereby the key represents the territory. In this style of knowing, the terms are flexible for joy's sake, but scientific in the moment of discovery. joy is not to be confused with joy at any other moment, this is a joy that happens only just only seriously once. the smallest once, an atomic onceness*

'Fend off sail' is the choral approach to 'picture mesh whence' meaning, the maps (knowledge) have been arranged well done, as in ordering according to when they stood to represent properness such as small-to-largest or color-to-other-color


*All things fade from one thing to another, and to not see the fading process is to be stressful, anxious or otherwise without the 'real father moment birthmark face'
Liars are not welcome. (and this last line is here to imply my acceptance of the teleological aspect of history of man, if only at once, and again, and then also to state plainly that the section on joy above need be re-read, re-focused and re-distributed) This teleological coming-around occurs upon acceptance of the moment as the father of the next which is another way to define 'picture mesh whence'and Thus the asterix.
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