A Human Movement
Monday, January 16, 2006
  the sincerest ditty I know right now, (spoken correctly this sounds good)
Love is right, Love is wrong
Love is good, Love is gone,
Come what may, I might say;

love is right and love is wrong
love is good and love is gone,
know what's might, know what's strong
and love will get up to fight the fight...

Wait, oh that can't right, wait that must be wrong
wait for something good, but then it's gone
say you know, but then they go.

[and then something about spying on a person, or even better
something about time travel or a white coat, like a lab technician or
those people who pick you up to commit you, they come in trucks -- and then
just for poignancy repeat from above with more feeling,
only when you get to this last part about the 'spying' and the 'white coats'
say something totally different, say whatever is in your head after repeating the]
'love is good,' 'love is gone' part... (it has a special melody too which can't come through in typed words. Oops, that's too bad.)
but yeah, repeat the top bit. Over and over.


This is totally offensive and wrong, but I'm doing it anyway so for those of you who dare to care,
don't tell me I did not warn you. Oh yeah and sorry.
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