A Human Movement
Thursday, January 12, 2006
  this one's for the ladies
my foot was stuck in a snare, a true device
solely placed there for the catching and waiting
as feet come, they walk,

all matter pushed down on my situation to say,
definitely that way young old minor major and then
from the whence it came, came again

to speak of a fortune so pure that the ravenous
nature of man and his bleeding prick finger print
point prints would covet darling touch less then
merely a glance of that aspect so spoken by a moment
so known reached outward, a double sided billfold
injustice revealed even in sharing some of this light
for ages, and the ancients arrived to say okay, as a
means to express the cycles of the growth in the field
of this, the from whence it came

and so it came, and it spoke shortly to those gathered.
hey, colored faces all of you all, short and tall
fill your merriment moments with sharing this, me, my
berry nature spoken, gathered twigs like fuel for the winter
months begotten as such, so forth and said politely
use me up.

this is the spell of the moment which speaks from whence it came,
and for which we'll go, to know, so it can come again,
shadow moment shared in the divorcing of one's self of the potential
of it.

graet moment so collected by your fabrics, and in bowls
situate the strength little rain drop castles, reached upward
pick, pick and bring home these tiny berries.
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