A Human Movement
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
  vonbonheim's chat
Here's a chat to which nobody replied, this chat would have been lost if I didn't save it.. it's still lost, save it:

[vonbonheim] diddy wah diddle
[vonbonheim] Dr. Funkendiddlestein, Ph. D.
[vonbonheim] Dadiddle Momdiddle got to get diddled, make diddles until they deadiddled
[vonbonheim] Emperor Ladiddle commandeer the Reindeerdiddle Arms and all that Armor
[vonbonheim] Rapunzeldiddle let down your diddlehair so I can diddleclimb up the towerdiddle
[vonbonheim] Put down the chemistrydiddle set beakerdiddle elements and diddle charts
[vonbonheim] Monarch diddleflies mark springdiddle time and lay babydiddleflies in the bark of diddleBirch trees
[vonbonheim] Obligatorydiddle whale skeletons are described in the volumes upon the diddleshelves in the diddlebrary
[vonbonheim] Marching diddlebands use the holidaydiddle to register the communitydiddle's pride in the nationdiddle
[vonbonheim] Diddle incisions are cut in the diddlestomachs of women who needdiddle emergency deliverydiddles of their diddlebabies in the bellydiddles
[vonbonheim] Diddletwister play by diddlekids who can touch one another's diddles without having to worry
[vonbonheim] Morning thaw diddle in the sun, night darkness covers diddle but it's all the diddlesame to motherdiddlenature
[vonbonheim] Sharktoothdiddle cigarette filter soak in smoke diddlestring hope
[vonbonheim] Logcabin diddlenineteenth century home builtdiddle hard work chop treediddles down
[vonbonheim] Peanut butterdiddle coconut sandstorm diddle repay the taxdiddle man armydiddle man
[vonbonheim] Kamikazediddle plane swoop dartboard diddlerighthandman concerned about his diddledude's oven
[vonbonheim] Umberto Diddleco grabbed his diddleracket to play tennisdiddle in the backyard
[vonbonheim] Fawndiddle softly diddlestepped out of the deer's grassy homediddle to get a drink of diddle
[vonbonheim] Lost diddlechildren struggled to make ends diddle, before they met the gnome
[vonbonheim]Diddleafrican man played oboe in diddlehigh school
[vonbonheim] Golfdiddle pro used endorsement diddle to buy a new diddlehome in the carribeandiddle
[vonbonheim] The caribbeandiddle ocean is warm because of the shape of the diddleworld
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