A Human Movement
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
  x in different sizes
powdered wig, acrylic oil paint, rusty spray paint bottle can
...all three things at once. So there.

and then wooden glossy boat, garden gloves with rubbery grips, metal plastic mesh on a boombox speaker... all three things at once.

Made in America, a German import's expense, Made in Japan. Things are made in one location and then increase or decrease value as transport manifests out of desire and also ignorance.

Ever found an old bottle in the woods? There is no way to date it. It could be from 1973 or 1989 or 1961. The bottle has been there since it was left there.

A tree to sit under, secondary growth only 110 years old, trees growing close to one another and twist. Three at once.

No more trees. Now cloth.

Velvet on a stuffed bunny's nose, cordoroy brown suit jacket new, thick nylon strap on a luggage case canoe strap.

No more cloth than that, now. What's next to be over?

Ways to paint the sun!

A circle, perfect yellow. A stream canal light pink cloud topping, and as though it is not even there, darkness because the sun never goes away.

No more sun.

What else is there that can come in different ways, in such a way that they can just be ignored, finally, beautifully ignored so that they do not surprise or arrive as they do in the various ways that they do?

Textures, please be over with. Colors of brick, done. Ways to arrange windows on a structure no more. Leave us with none of that.

The worst of which twists, communication. Pig. Greasy fat tar pit energy source like time early or late. Oh time too, no more! Late, early, just now, next or never. All there, so there. No more time too. Don't need you.

What's left? Please, asking, requiring, unnesesary, spelling incorrectly, spelling identically, what it sounds like, what it doesn't sound like, all of you... go away.

Piss smell, fresh water, clean glass, rotten lettuce water, bacteria, done with you too. Variations on water no more, how about it? Deal, no deal. Leave me be.
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