A Human Movement
Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  I got all the facts right here
1) the finite 2) the infinite 3) the union of the finite and the infinite 4) the cause of this union

There is really is nothing else to think about, and should you put every enitity through this, and of course be sure to look your best while you are doing it because looking good is the spirit of mankind, then really, there is no reason to do anything wrong. It's just the way it's gonna be, and has been and will be and comes together as. Kind of like the way a verb implies movement, because it does. Oh yeah, and natural light. Natural light is the only light. Artificial light does not create mind, electricity is a warning of the moving away from mind, which is the 4) above.

And as any soul, pretty lady or strong man looking their best bowing down to the great sound knows Teutates or Teuth, the same as the Thoth of the Egyptians created the Word, grammar, Writing. There is no fiction.
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Whereas understanding is a foundation
Whereas mind should move
Whereas things have limits
Resolved that knowledge is king.

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