A Human Movement
Thursday, March 30, 2006
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I don't care who you ask, it's really hard reconciling the difference in your head between abstract emotions energies and the rational defined ordered laws. What exists behind our eyes? A person needs both (backwards and forward vision) to arrive at any sort of order/beauty, but beauty/order is hindered by a higher prevalance of the one (law) or the other (sensousness)

So, darn it, how do we see? And why do we lie? And who are convinced?

And there is just no telling anyone about the primal pain of arriving at moments, the kind of life that life leads in anyone's head where their head is the mind and their eyes are in sight. Wrought extensions in the nervous system, how they reach, how they are so felt, and experience in deepest times of truth as actual distortions and upstandingness. So as to say, I am a General of the Army and I am a Grizzly Bear. The more a person slips up, and shows the purity of emotive godstruckness the more they will be punished, set back and ignored. Is this true?

It's just impossible to live between the two. It seems you "gotta lie." Especially when most people, the surrounding bodies that feel and think, have chosen a side already and are working laboriously forever on simple patterns of the one (legal/business) and the other (art/ethnicity) The two sides so incommunicative that it's a sordid despair everywhere.

I saw a picture of a dead horse in the streets of Chicago, 1900 today and until every person communicates to me that meaning of that dead horse the moment they say a word, I will continue to know that we are not going anywhere but to the gutter. Elder businessman and the sexless poet.
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