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Monday, April 03, 2006
For some unknown reason, the guitar bug has bit me like a shark in the last 48 hours, and so of all the darn things, I turn up this??


Some time in 1970?

Is that a Mustang? a Duo-Sonic? Wha?!?! This must be some kind of a joke. What is John McLaughlin doing with that guitar... What is it? It is a Mustang. No it's a duo-sonic. I always figured homeboy played a L-5, or at the smallest an es-335 for his Miles stuff... but this is too cruel. Pictures or accounts online of what exactly McLaughlin used while playing with Davis, 1970-71 are slim to none. I found these, snatched them up and they have really sent me for a loop. What is that tiny guitar? Why is strapped to Mahavishnu? and How does he make it sound like anything that might sound like what his stuff with Miles sounds like? Seriously, can any aged vet of the fusion scene be of assistance?

It's dateless, some time in the 70's... but Ahh, finally, like cool water this makes sense. Back to reality, a varitone'd 335 with a big old DiMarzio PAF in da neck, now that makes sense. Completely. Phew... but still, what is he playing up there with Miles?


Double gasp...

It's 1969, McLaughlin is in the States laying down the sound with Tony Williams Lifetime and he does it with a Mustang?!?! Was I the last to know this? What is going on? Maybe he forgot his usual guitar and was loned this Fender toy. Or, gulp, maybe he really is from another universe and can do anything he wants?

This Italian guy is sticking with the Mustang thesis... I am shocked. The guitar on Live/Evil, Bitches Brew and Devotion is from a Mustang? It's Flabbergasting. Why doesn't Fender market this fact? This really makes me re-think about what is possible and what matters.
It also makes me want to fix up my Mustang...? I mean.

Ope, it's 1978 and

Note the light, note the 335. Phew. Ahh. Thank you John McLaughlin.

I guess this starts to make more sense now?

*On a sidenote, I have recently discovered that the Jack Johnson Sessions make THEE best bicycle riding music, especially as the sun is setting.
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