A Human Movement
Thursday, October 26, 2006
  take two today, commands and metallurgic imagining
Is it vile to compare people with food? Then what of human's dusted with various delights, human dust on certain sups, the grease of a fine athlete, and those almond eyes. Life's a costume. Flayed fleshed, speared rears, just taking it easy.

Why come along and limit things with some kind of derivatives, keep the sight line clear. Von Steuben's commands were clear, Fire! Half-Cock — Firelock! Handle — Cartridge! Prime! Shut — Pan! Charge with Cartridge! Draw — Rammer! Ram down — Cartridge! Return — Rammer! Yessir. Sounds to me like a love potion.

Rammer, ram down, Pan, Charge the cartridge, return fire, firelock, half-cock, ramshut the prime shutter, draw the charger charge cocked fire.

The command is clear, the imaginary gesture is unclear. The ease to follow such commands is easy. But the fact that forgetting a step would be a reality is necessary to admitting your humanity. Then the general kicks your mother down a well. You're mad as hell. But generals, oh generals they know.

Metallurgy made things as they are. Whenever you think where am I? What is that? Is there nothing to do? I've got a 3 o'clock appointment... just think about the metallurgist who did everything you do, sat down and made you.

Then forget a command and be blood, dusted. Cannabalized by an inability to focus.

Reading Notes:

and if there is another dimension to reading, that being a meditional quality, I ask myself to dwell on Vol. 2, Ch. 1: Since the day that modern science gave what may be considered the death-blow to dogmatic theology, by assuming the ground that religion was full of mystery, and mystery is unscientific, the mental state of the educated class has presented a curious aspect. Society seems from that time to have been ever balancing itself upon one leg, on an unseen tight-rope stretched from our visible universe into the invisible one; uncertain whether the end hooked on faith in the latter might not suddenly break, and hurl it into final annihilation.
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