A Human Movement
Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Back in effect to failed gestures:

Key 1:

MAN1 is named man, or 'the familiar man if.'
"what is posited" is the basis for which MAN1 claims his familiarness.
man is all people, or 'historical generation.'
god the unknown gaze of man
'omnipotent effort' is a way in which current MAN1 becomes man


MAN1 can claim [express to know] no more [a highest limit perceived] on behalf of man than what man before called god.
(More precisely, such claims toward "realized human greatness" [the process of 'omnipotent effort'] consist in a demand for the immediate realization of MAN1's widest vision)
Again: MAN1 needs to cast the widest net of knowledge/vision and instead of calling it something else, or even calling this effort itself, MAN1 should understand widest points of the knowledge/vision to be "what is posited."

Key 2:

It should be understood that all efforts to conceal the extravagance of a person seeking the 'omnipotent effort' should be concealed with the character of the appetite to know, and that knowledge itself. MAN1 may know man through the consciousness of the contradiction in the concealment of the desire to know.

Wow, this very interesting and full of big words, will it be possible for you to post a more detail explanation because i beleive that it is important for comon manand not as developed in our vocabulary such as myself to understand.
If you are serious, dearest self soul, then what should be known is that the primary disgust of knowledge claimed must be delayed long enough to let both doubt and certainty pass along, such that one might earn the time to say: "Enough of that!"

(The rhythm of the blood reaching the brain is the spirit that god smells. )

Then once "enough of that" has been claimed for the knower on behalf of what is known, the new primary can settle in, self can be digested, and freedomness is the moved toward. (Rather than the opposite)

In that movement words will become not big, and errors will become correct, vice verse vive valour, all is understood. The word, "hey" becomes everyword ever understood throughout time.

There then will be no people who know, and therefore no people who know more. All existing bodies named man, know together, so let's commence.

More Simply: my point was this:

It is the task of man to 'find the place where what is understood is all things at the most together' and then, to place their own identity on that moment. You are all that you know, not just bits and pieces.

Another way to say: "Omnipotent canyon blood doll is the breastfed chocolate mother best at arm's
reach, a real grammarless state."

Or literally, reach out your brain past the point of singular thinking, and then, bring that back into your head and finally make that you. Man with a name, Geoff, John or Trudy is all that they know and forever, not just sometimes.

But (please bare in mind that historically speaking) what I am saying is actually old news, I think this is what was going down in the evolution of man in the nineteenth century, with the advent of science and unexplored wilderness in America.

Right now, 2006, all our brains are actually cardboard and technology ready to crumble at the slightest jostle.
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